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Watch Nas Daily: "This School is Fixing Hate"

Palestinian-Israeli internet sensation and vlogger ‘Nas Daily’ recently visited Hand in Hand’s Max Rayne Jerusalem school, and spent the day interviewing and filming our students, teachers, and staff.

The result is this wonderful video which tells the story of Hand in Hand’s unlikely inception, the many obstacles it has faced, its crucial role in Israeli society — and of course, the importance of its supporters and donors worldwide.

“Hand in Hand is funded by donors around the world,” Hand in Hand Co-Founder, Lee Gordon, tells Nas Daily in this recent video. “They want to see a different Israeli society. A society that builds bridges instead of divisions.”

“They become the most tolerant humans on the planet”

Nas also spoke with Hand in Hand high school students, who shared what makes the school so unique and important from their perspective. “When you get to know the other person, you won’t be afraid. That’s why I like the idea of our school, because we have here Jews and Arab and we get to know each other, therefore we won’t be afraid of each other,” one Hand in Hand Jerusalem High School student told Nas Daily.

Nas, whose full name is Nuseir Yassin, is a Palestinian citizen of Israel who was born and raised in the Galilee, and creates viral content for his millions of subscribers on the internet.

We were thrilled that Nas and his team chose to visit our school, and share our story and message with millions of viewers worldwide.

It is thanks to our supporters and donors across the world that we are able to grow, thrive, and advance equality, partnership, and a shared society in Israel.

“We’re not destined forever to live in conflict and hatred. We can build models of trust and understanding and partnership. Hand in Hand is that model,” Hand in Hand co-founder, Lee Gordon.

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