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Volunteer opportunities

We deeply appreciate your interest to contribute your time and talents to Hand in Hand. Over the years, we have had many valuable volunteer experiences and we are looking to continue those experiences with people who are dedicated to education and equality in Israel and want to work with us towards achieving these goals.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are not currently accepting on-site volunteers or visitors. If you are interested in working remotely to support our social media and fundraising efforts please reach out to: info@hih.org.il

Summer Volunteering

During July, the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem School hosts an English language summer camp, Project Harmony. You can apply to be a volunteer counselor through their website, or email for more information at info@projectharmonyisrael.com.

Year-round Volunteering and Interning

Volunteers: If you are interested in volunteering in the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem school during the school year, we recommend you look into Achvat Amim, whose participants will be working with us.

Interns: Hand in Hand accepts interns every year to help in our office operations. In order to most effectively match your skills and our needs, please fill out our volunteer request form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Interns spend part time in the Hand in Hand organizational office in Jerusalem, with a possibility of travelling to our locations around the country. Interns are expected to commit for at least four months. Dates are flexible.

We are looking for interns in the following areas:
Photography; documentation
Social media; PR; writing
Graphic design
Data systems; photo database

General information:

While we greatly appreciate volunteer’s contribution to our organization, Hand in Hand does not have the capacity to provide financial compensation or help with logistics (e.g. housing, cell phones, etc…).

Please submit the completed form and send a CV or be in touch with any other questions at: info@handinhand.org.il.

Thank you!


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