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Rebecca Sullum

Rebecca is the Deputy Director of the Community Department and Community Organizer in Haifa. Rebecca’s position is on the national level working with the community organizers in developing and implementing strategies for creating strong bilingual multicultural communities. Over the past 15 years, Rebecca’s work primarily focused on advancing shared life in Jerusalem and Jewish pluralism. Before joining Hand in Hand, Rebecca was the co-director of Kids4Peace Jerusalem for 5 years.

Rebecca holds a masters in Conflict Transformation from The School of International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont and a bachelors in Jewish and Comparative Folklore from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Rebecca lives in Haifa with her husband and three children. Thanks to the Hand in Hand community, all three of her children are trilingual. Yair, her oldest son, joined the Hand in Hand kindergarten when he was 3 years old, while Mika and Sinai (toddler twins) are looking forward to joining the kindergarten when they are 3.


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