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Nofar Kahana


Nofar Kahana is the community organizer for the Hand in Hand Max Rayne Jerusalem School. As part of her role, Nofar plans and organizes activities for parents, students, and families of the Jerusalem school, and promotes cooperation between the school and other local organizations and institutions in order to advance shared society in the city. Nofar also leads community activities and collaborations for “Feel Beit,” a Jerusalem Jewish-Arab community and culture house that aims to bridge divides in Jerusalem through a broad range of artistic disciplines, including art music, theater, and film. 

Nofar has a degree in Middle Eastern and Arabic studies, and is fluent in Arabic. As a longtime resident of Jerusalem, she is highly involved with the “Free Jerusalem” activism group. She also served as coordinator of the “Good Neighbors” program in the Abu-Tor neighborhood of Jerusalem, and as a Kids4Peace counselor for Israeli-Palestinian youth in Jerusalem.


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