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Nadia Kinani

Nadia began her career in education as a special needs teacher. When the Hand in Hand Jerusalem school was just beginning in 1998, Nadia joined the group of  founding parents, and began teaching first grade.  In 2010, she was appointed principal of the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem School, where she was responsible for leading the school’s vision, developing unique curricula and working to strengthen the bilingual model. In 2018, Nadia left her post as principal to take part in the Mandel School for Educational Leadership Fellowship in Jerusalem. In June 2020 she rejoined Hand in Hand as our Education Director.

Nadia holds a bachelor’s degree in special education from the David Yellin College of Education and a master’s degree in educational administration. Nadia is interested in frameworks that support women’s empowerment and advance the status of women in society, and in frameworks that encourage volunteering and contributing to the community among Arab professionals. Originally from Nazareth, Nadia now lives in Jerusalem. All three of her daughters are Hand in Hand graduates.


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