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Michal Porat Ayash

Michal Porat Ayash is a community organizer for Hand in Hand’s Galilee school. She joined Hand in Hand eight years ago when her oldest son, who is now a graduate of the Galilee School, began attending. After becoming active in the community as a parent, Michal served as the co-chair of the parents’ committee at the school before taking her current position as a community organizer. Michal lives with her partner and children in the village of Barakat, and her second son will finish sixth grade this year at the Galilee School.

For more than 25 years, Michal has been active in the field of social change, working and volunteering in organizations that promote human rights and social justice, including: Windows, the Association for the Advancement of the Status of Women in Lakiya, Sida Association, Lakiya Weaving the Negev, the Negev Coexistence Forum, and more. She was a partner in the establishment of the “Recognition Forum” for the struggle to gain government recognition for unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev.

Michal has a BA in ancient history and an MA in cultural anthropology. As a part of her role as community organizer, Michal is responsible for leading and promoting initiatives and activities for community members. She works to establish and strengthen leadership within the school community, and promotes cooperation between the community and other local organizations in order to advance shared living in the Galilee.


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