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Lena Turel

Lena Turel is a community organizer for Gesher al HaWadi, Hand in Hand’s Wadi Ara school. As long as she can remember, Lena has been active, both as a volunteer and as a worker, in political, social, community, LGBT, and feminist struggles. As part of her role as a community organizer, Lena is responsible for initiating and leading activities for adults, parents, families, and community members. Additionally, Lena works to promote cooperation between the school and various regional institutions and communities in order to advance coexistence in the region on a wider scale. Lena is a graduate of the film department of the College of Arts, and is a director and a still photographer by profession. She lives in Pardes Hannah-Karkur with her partner and their three children, two of whom who go to Hand and Hand.

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