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Place Based Learning

One of the innovative pedagogic methods our Jaffa teachers use is PBE which transforms the child’s local environment (their neighborhood and city) into a platform for education.

Teachers integrate the subject matter they wish to teach with visits to relevant places in the neighborhood including public gardens art galleries and religious institutions. They learn the names of the streets and about the changes in the city. They learn about their neighborhood’s flora, such as the olive trees. In the Fall, children see how the olives change colors as they grow on the tree. They discuss when is the best time to pick olives and how to pickle them. They experience a variety of hands-on projects including making olive oil, and painting with olive oil, leaves and herbs.

Through this topic they also learn about the symbolism of olives in both Jewish and Arab culture. Parents are invited to share their children’s experience by coming to an Olive Festival held at the school, with all kinds of olive related activities. This annual festival attracts more than 400 hundred parents and community members, strengthening relationships and creating friendships.


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