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Our Community Activist Retreat

At the end of February, we held our annual community leadership and alumni retreat with over 150 people!

These Arab and Jewish parents, community members, teachers, staff and alumni gathered from all six of our schools around the country to meet each other and talk about our shared work. This year, the topic of the conference was activism, and how we want to be active as the Hand in Hand community, locally and country-wide.

In her opening speech, Sophie, our community organizer from Jaffa, said: “I want to wish us two days where we are asking the hard questions dealing with real dilemmas – about activism and impact, and how we, in this room, can work to change inequality between Arabs and Jews in this country in order to build equality and justice for everybody.”

We asked the hard questions, and now it’s back to work with renewed faith and knowledge.

Thank you to our amazing community team who put together this conference. It’s amazing to see how far our community reaches and how much we can grow from shared learning and deepening connections. Check out these photos of this amazing retreat!


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