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National Days at Hand in Hand: Days of Pain and Hope

“Every year, between March and May, Jewish Israelis mark the National Days of Holocaust Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day, while Arab Citizens/Palestinians mark Land Day and Nakba Day. These days compel us at Hand in Hand to make space for both communities to express and recognize the sorrows and hopes of each side, creating a foundation of trust on which we can build a shared future.”-Shuli Dichter, Hand in Hand CEO

At the shared Memorial Day Ceremony in the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem School on May 1st 2017, 12th grader Jessica Ibrahim’s words rang out through the sports hall, riveting the 800 students, teachers, and parents:

As part of the ceremony, two parents, one Jewish and one Arab, each addressed their own children, and in so doing, all Hand in Hand students.


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Silence is Golden