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Identity Project

Our Haifa school works hard to ensure ongoing dialogue within the community. The Haifa community has an going relationship with the Forum of Bereaved Families (organization of Arab and Jewish families who have lost a loved one to the conflict and seek to build peace from their mutual loss).

During one event, two representatives from the Forum came to share their stories, one of whom is the grandfather of a current Hand in Hand Haifa preschool student. Because our communities are linked to schools, members tend to be young parents, making the grandparents’ participation all the more significant.

To that end, each child is working on a personal identity project that will culminate in a Grandparents’ Day at the school, bringing diverse cultures and personal histories in to enrich the classroom.  In tandem, parents and staff will be invited to share their family stories in order to welcome the rich, and sometimes conflicting, narratives into the community conversation.


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