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Hebrew University students study at Hand in Hand

Last week marked the end of the Hebrew University course “Applied Bilingual Education – Successes and Challenges” that was taught on Hand in Hand’s Jerusalem campus by teacher Guy Aloni and Education Director Dr. Inas Deeb.

The Arab and Jewish university students in the course explored political and multicultural education, stereotypical thinking, and also the question of day to day interactions between Jews and arabs. In the practical part of the course, students observed classes in Hand in Hand and met teachers at Hand in Hand in order to hear first-hand about the practices that we have developed in our integrated education: co-teaching, dialogue, place-based learning, cultural encounters, and interfaith study, and more.

“From the moment I came here, I saw how naturally a Jewish-Arab encounter can work, and I’ve been thinking so much about how to bring this with out into the world with me. When you want to make change, you have to start with kids- and this place gives me the tools to do just that.”

The last class was especially fascinating, because the students presented how they will put these practices into use as professional teachers. As in all of our classes, there were disagreements, and a spontaneous discussion came up on the place of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the hierarchy of social challenges in society and region.

“I wanted to see the encounter between Jewish and Arab students, and to participate fully and freely express my opinion,” said Suad, one of the Hebrew U students, “It was fascinating and intresting and deep. Usually in college classes there aren’t such challenging political conversations. Here I felt comfortable to go into anything and say what I believe.”

Dr. Deeb and Guy, summarized: “For us this is a huge accomplishment, to teach a university course for future teachers on what we do and how to spread it further. It’s an important part of our impact on society.”


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