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Hand in Hand 12th grade exhibit at the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem 2019

Today was the culmination of the 12th grade art program. Eight 12th grade students presented their work in an exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem, where they will stay for the next week for visitors to see. The works of art explored themes of identity – from coping with depression, to growing up in a multifaith household, to an exploration of the school maintenance staff and thinking about the people in our world who are invisible to us. Each student dug deep into who they are and what they care about and shared their creations with their friends and families.

Valeria Gaslev, an artist who was also administering the test for the students, said:

“What i experienced today in my encounter with the students spoke to me in such a deep way  – it gives me hope. Because within all of the complexity that we all have to navigate, the reality in this land – between languages, identities, and politics, here are eight people who really know who they are. Who are not embarrassed or ashamed to be themselves, and who are creating something beautiful with that knowledge.’ and, turning to the students, she continued “I wish for you that you continue to be who you are, to never be ashamed of that. To stand up straight as you walk into the world. Everything else will follow.”

A huge thank you to Efrat Meyer, the amazing art teacher, and soon-to-be High School Principal, who lead our students to these amazing achievements!


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