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"Ehna Jeena // احنا جينا // We Have Arrived" — Arabic Children's Song Produced By Hand in Hand

We are proud to introduce the theme song of Hand in Hand’s upcoming album, which will include nine original Arabic children’s songs produced by our very own staff. All nine songs were co-written by poet Fadel Ali, and Hand in Hand’s pedagogic advisor and writer Mary Copti. Mohammad Kundos, principal of Hand in Hand’s Kfar Saba (and gifted musician) composed the songs, which were performed by him alongside the band ‘Qarar’.

Hand in Hand’s education department led the project, which was overseen by Hand in Hand pedagogic advisor Doaa Diab-Abo Elheja. The project’s main objective was to create songs that instill humanistic values in students, while assisting with Arabic language acquisition. This album is a valuable resource for our own bilingual schools, and we hope they will be used in the wider Israeli public education system, and even be used in other countries in the Middle East.

The album’s creators intentionally chose texts and lyrics that center around the lives and perspectives of children. The song “Ehna Jeena,” which means “We Have Arrived,” is told from the perspective of a group of children demanding their rights and insisting on their place in the world. The children in this song are individuals with agency, self-worth, and their own independent ways of thinking.

We at Hand in Hand believe that art and culture can serve as powerful education tools, which can also strengthen children’s sense of identity and purpose. We continually learn from the art and culture around us, and now, we are proud to be co-creators of new and exciting forms.

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