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Community Leader Retreat

Parents, teachers and community members from around the country came together for our fourth annual Community Activist Retreat! The theme of the retreat was gender and nationalism, and the ways in which gender and national identity play out in our Jewish-Arab schools and communities.

It was fascinating – we heard lectures from Jewish and Arab professors, delving into the topic of representation and equality in our communities. We also had fun together, with an evening of music and games.

For Hand in Hand CEO Dani Elazar, who joined the organization in January, this was particularly exciting. “It’s so moving to see how deeply committed these community members are – that they give from their time beyond the everyday work in their communities to be here. We’re so grateful for that. These two days reinforced the importance and power of the community work – the ability to have an open and deep discussion about difficult topics and community practices that strengthen our connection and partnership. This is how you build a flourishing social movement.


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