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Hand in Hand's 2023 Donor Mission — Transforming Crises into Opportunities for Growth
Hand in Hand Alumni Interview Creators of Documentary "Two Kids a Day"
Hand in Hand Community Iftar Season is Upon Us — Arabs and Jews Celebrating Together
25 Years of Shared Values: Reflections from Hand in Hand's Students, Teachers, Principals, and More...
"Challenges and Dilemmas in Building an Equal Arab-Jewish Partnership:” Hand in Hand’s Annual Leadership Conference
Webinar: Resilience and Solidarity in Times of Crisis - 8.3.23
Hand in Hand Students React to "Madrassah" — New TV Series Set in an Arab-Jewish Bilingual School
Jewish Journal: "Hand in Hand: Fostering Jewish-Arab Unity in Israel Through Education"
Meet the new Co-Chairs of Hand in Hand’s Board of Directors: Reem Younis and Eylon Penchas
Hand in Hand Marks 25-Years of Shared Jewish-Arab Education
Meet Duaa and Guy, the Co-Teachers of Haifa's First Bilingual 7th Grade Class
Watch Nas Daily: "This School is Fixing Hate"

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