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The Kfar Saba "Alef-Beit" Community Celebrates Iftar
Shared Education Webinar with Hand in Hand & The Abraham Initiatives
How We Teach Children Multiculturalism — Hand in Hand’s Shared Holidays Curriculum
Celebrating the Women of Hand in Hand: The “Naot Ma Ba’ad—Moving Together” Jaffa Women’s Festival
Celebrating the Women of Hand in Hand: Zohar Shahar
Celebrating the Women of Hand in Hand: Rana Abu Fraiha
Hand in Hand Wins 2021 Global Pluralism Award
Finding Common Ground: Hand in Hand's Webinar on Sustainability
Looking back at 2021
Celebrating the Holidays Together at Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand CEO Dani Elazar Presents at Paris Peace Forum
USAID comes to the Max Rayne School

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