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A Message from Hand in Hand CEO Shuli Dichter

Dear Friends, 

Today, I notified the two co-chairs of the Hand in Hand board of directors that I have decided to end my job as executive director of Hand in Hand.

The reasons for this are both personal and organizational: On a personal level, it is my desire to lessen my work load, and to invest my time more on introspection and writing, and to work only on a part-time basis.

And from the organisational perspective: over the past several years our organization has been steadily growing and developing strongly. The schools have grown a tremendous amount, and we have grown from three to six campuses with schools and preschools, and our budget has grown from 8 million shekels to over 30 million shekels. Together with this growth and development the organizational and management needs have changed as well, and now the time has come to transfer the reins to new leadership that will take the organization to the next stages in its development.

In the coming months, there will be a search process for the new executive director, and there will of course be a proper overlap period for the new person to transition together with me.

And for me, I will remain passionately committed to Hand in Hand and will continue to contribute in any way. There will of course be a time for a formal farewell, but in the meantime I wish everyone a cool and enjoyable summer as much as possible.




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