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Dr. Dalia Fadila

Dr. Dalia Fadila is provost of Al-Qasemi Academy, an Arab college of education. She has acted as the president of the college during 2006. She is also a fellow member of the “EU Visitors Program,” and “US International Leadership Visitors’ Program”. Dr. Fadila is an expert on organizational development and a researcher of American literature, women’s literature and ethnic studies. She has led and managed national and international seminars and projects on issues of gender, culture, identity and education. Of deep concern to her are promoting quality education for the Arab students through establishing an alternative schooling system, and empowering Arab women as educators, entrepreneurs and leaders. She has established private schools for teaching English called Q Schools – English Language and HR Development that proposes a unique approach to learning/teaching English suited to Arab students and stemming from the need of these students to develop personally and professionally. Dr. Fadila is currently also faculty member of the International School for Leadership and Diplomacy at IDC-Inter Disciplinary Center in Herzilya and member of the governmental civil-service higher committee and other national and international forms dealing with Arabs in Israel.


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